Kenzai USA

Transforming Supply Chains

We started out making changes to homebuilding companies’ supply chain management practices and soon realized a need to expand. As we train homebuilder to function differently with their suppliers, it became evident we needed to also train distributors and manufactures how to operate in this new collaborative environment.

Our experience representing manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, and other locations, gave us a better understanding of what is most important to them, and incorporated this into our homebuilder training to facilitate the two entities working together to lower each other’s costs. 

Lumber & building material distributors spend the gap between manufacturers and getting products to the job site. We paint a picture of a day in the life of a distributor in our homebuilder training. Distrubotrs are the folks that compelled us to include logistics (planes, trains, trucks, ships) in our courses. More now than ever, logistics are effecting costs and production capacity.


Homebuilder Training

Distributor Training

Manufacturer Training

As we teach collaboration to homebuilders, it has become necessary to instruct distributors and manufacturers on how to interact with builders in this new environment.


Whether a refresher of a previous workshop or just a few hours of instruction, our mentors can enhance technique and boost confidence. 


A great way to introduce supply chain management principles to a group all at once is with our speakers. 

Whether key note or an addition to an events billing, our stories are sure to edutain your team.

Manufacturer Representation

Construction companies in Japan do business quite differently than we do in the US. It is easy to underestimate the cultural differences and efforts needed to provide the service they expect. Kenzai USA bridges the gap between overseas customers and US manufacturers.